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This non invasive laser helps to improve your skin condition by allowing new and healthy skin to emerge!

Pico Lasers also use unique and effective wavelengths in ultra-short pulses to create an intense yet non-thermal (no heat used) photomechanical disruption that shatters pigment particles effectively.

Tackle Your Pigmentation Woes with a Fast & Efficient Option

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Why Pico Laser?

  • Focused Precision at Targeted Particles
  • Approved by the US FDA
  • Greatly Reduces Scarring & Pigmentation
  • Brighter & Tighter Skin Generated
  • Treats Deep Levels of Pigmentation
  • Gentle on Skin – No Thermal Injury
  • Suitable for Asian Skin
  • Quick 20 Minute Procedure
  • Minimal Discomfort & Downtime
Dr Vanessa Phua
Dr Vanessa Phua

About Dr Vanessa Phua

Dr Vanessa Phua is an experienced aesthetic doctor whose interest lies in using non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

As an accredited laser physician, Dr Phua is also particularly known for her work in pigmentation treatment and removal using the PicoSure and Pico Genesis lasers.

  • BMed Science, BMBS (Nottingham, UK)
  • MRCS (Edinburgh), MMED (S’pore) Ophthalmology
  • Dip. Practical Dermatology (Cardiff, Wales)
  • Registered & Accredited Laser Physician
  • Member of the Society of Aesthetic Medicine, Singapore
  • Member of the International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology
  • Fellow of the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery

Troubled by Pigmentation Problems? Try the PicoSure & Pico Genesis Lasers Today!

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  • Skin pigmentation commonly appears in the form of age spots, melasma, freckles, acne scars, tattoos, birthmarks and sun spots.
  • Pico Lasers use ultra-short laser pulses (picoseconds)which create an intense photomechanical impact on pigment particles
  • When selectively aimed at targeted pigment particles, they shatter into tiny fragments which are naturally carried away by the bloodstream and eventually removed from the body.
  • This procedure concurrently stimulates collagen production on the surface, leading to fairer, smoother and tighter new skin.
  • Unlike other lasers, Pico Lasers do not use heat energy to burn away skin for forced healing or to remove pigment, thereby removing the risk of burning, significant redness, scarring and surrounding skin damage.
  • Building on the PicoSure Laser, FDA-approved PicoSure FOCUS Lens Array magnifies the PicoSure pulse by 20 times, greatly enhancing treatment outcomes for pigmented lesions, melasma, freckles, acne scars, dark eye circles, stretch marks and wrinkles.
  • Apart from targeting pigment particles, it also penetrates deeply into the dermis, promoting the growth of new collagen and elastin.
  • At the same time, a tissue-healing response is naturally stimulated, softening tissue from acne scars and stretch marks.
  • All this means that you will achieve visibly smoother, brighter and tighter skin!

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